Sermon Podcasts

Week by week, you’ll be able to listen to the sermons from the UUCSV. We have a rich preaching history here. For most of our 20+ year history, our congregation has shared the pulpit with our minister. It makes for lively fun, keeps the minister and the congregation on their spiritual toes.

Listen: it’s a great way to know what we care about.

2017 03 12 Chris Chew Reflections and Commentary on Priestley’s essay, “Best Method of Communicating

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2017 03 05 Michelle Collins Chasing Transformation

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2016-07-24 – Lenore Askew – Apple Eyes

2016-06-26 – Clare Sammells – Listen

2016-06-05 – Ann Keeler Evans – How Does Our Garden Grow

2016-05-01 – Ann Keeler Evans – The Work of Community

2016-04-17 – Ann Keeler Evans – Give What You Have, Take What You Need

2016-04-10 – Chris Exner – A Doctor’s Reflections on Gun Violence

2016-03-06 – Ann Keeler Evans – Safe and Sacred Community

2016 02 28 – Kathy Hummel – The Others