New Home FAQ

What is the square footage of our building?   We’ve heard anywhere from 8,784 sq ft to 10,000 sq ft. When an architectural firm is hired, they will measure and give us an accurate number.

What is the roll of the New Home Transition Committee? The New Home Transition (NHT) Committee was formed to help us make a smooth transition into building ownership and to outline steps in our congregation’s journey to build our new home. Look under “Phases” on the New Home Transition web pages for a list of the tasks outlined by the committee, the decisions and actions taken, and their timetable.

What was our date of ownership? On September 20, 2017 all the papers were signed and UUCSV became the official owner of our new home at 265 Point Township Drive!

Who do I contact with my questions and to share my ideas? You may contact any member of the NHT team: Dee Casteel, Dawn Fisher, Sam Geise, Sara Kelley, Clayton Lightman, Marion Marchiori and Mark Usry.

When is the next congregational exterior Work Day? One was held on November 4, 2017 to trim shrubs and trees, and to lay mulch in preparation for our Welcoming Open House. Look for notices in Spring 2018.

What are the results from our September 24th Visioning Workshop “Help Build Our Home”? Results from the workshop are posted on the NHT Display board at the back of the sanctuary. 

How can I find out what is going on with the building? There are several ways!

  • Read the articles in The Phoenix.
  • Check out the New Home Updates pages on the UUCSV website.
  • Listen for announcements following the Sunday service.
  • Contact a member of the NHT team.
  • Look for congregation-wide emails regarding updates.
  • Take a look at the NHT Committee Display board in the back of the sanctuary.