New Home Transition Committee

The New Home Transition Committee (NHT) was formed in August 2017 to develop steps for a smooth transition to building ownership and to outline phases in our congregation’s journey to build our new home.

From the beginning, the committee’s intention has been to collect all ideas for consideration and provide multiple ways for members and friends of the congregation to express their opinions, dreams, and needs. We will compile the information from our conversations with you, your emails, and the ideas and opinions expressed during the Visioning Workshop into a packet which will be the foundation when a licensed professional (contractor/architect) is selected to help design our new home.

Details of the phases outlined by the committee, the NHT timeline, and ways you can contribute your ideas are listed below. You can find an ever-growing FAQ here.

New Home Transition Committee Team: Dee Casteel, Dawn Fisher, Sam Geise, Sara Kelley, Clayton Lightman, Marion Marchiori, and Mark Usry. Committee Co-Chairs: Dawn Fisher and Clayton Lightman. Please contact any of us with your thoughts and ideas. We want to hear from you!

Phases outlined during first meeting – 8/26/17

Phase 1, A:

  • Transfer of utilities (gas, electric, water) – Action: Companies called and arrangements made to transfer on closing day.
  • Insurance – Research, get quotes and compare. Action: Recommend to board to use Brotherhood Mutual Insurance (currently provides rental insurance for the congregation and specializes in insurance for religious groups).
  • Lawn – Get quotes. Action: Recommend to board to continue to contract with Davis Lawn Care.
  • Snow removal – Get quotes. Action: Still gathering quotes.
  • Keys – Get quotes, investigate options. Action: A-1 Lock and Key changed exterior door locks (4) on 9/21/17, the morning after closing.
  • Obtain floor plan – Action: No floor plan available. Rooms measured and floor plan drawn.
  • Discuss how to use the entire building as it exists before any remodeling begins. Action: NHT toured building and made temporary room assignments.
  • Schedule and plan a moving date – Action: 9/9/17 Moving Date scheduled. Contacted board members, committee chairs and people who lead groups or activities within the church for their thoughts about what they might need. Gathered cleaning and moving supplies.
  • Identify ways to collect the congregation’s ideas, dreams, needs, and priorities. Action: Two “Help Build Our Home” Visioning Workshops scheduled 9/23/17 and 9/24/17.
  • Find a Facilities Chair/Sexton? Action: Clare Sammells agreed to be Facilities Chair!
  • Discuss various ways of communication to ensure congregation is informed of updates. Action: Announcements made following the Sunday service, Congregation-wide emails sent, monthly Phoenix article, NHT Display board made and placed in back of sanctuary, NHT Committee pages created on UUCSV website.
  • External (weeding, workdays, landscaping, clean-up) – Action: 9/9/17 exterior Work Day scheduled. Second one held 11/4/17 before Open House.
  • Schedule walkthroughs with architects to gather more information about our building. Action: Started gathering names.
  • Recruit volunteers to lead Input Committees (small task-oriented groups of people interested in a specific area). Action: Made announcement. Started gathering names.
  • Bring plans and suggestions to the board Action: Monthly reports made to the board.
  • Manage decor (signage, artwork, quilts, bulletin boards, etc. ) – Action: Recommend to board the creation of a committee to manage decor. “The A (Art? Aesthetics? Ambience?) Team” formed.

Phase 1, B (before Christmas)

  • Infrastructure (drainage in back) – Action: Water issues have been identified as a top priority in Phase l of construction. 
  • Signage – Action: The A-Team working on this.
  • Architect/contractor plan: Engage Sam Pearson (architect and member of the Lewisburg Fellowship) as our consultant. Marion, Sara, Sam G. and Clayton will meet with Sam P. to develop questions. This sub-committee will set up meetings with: Rocky Baer, Ted Strosser, Brian Falso (Hepco), and Rick Williams. All members of the NHT committee are welcome to join meetings when able. Committee members will update floor plan plus add data to packet (Planning for Our New Home) to give to architects. We hope to have the initial conversations by Thanksgiving week. Committee will reconvene early December to develop a recommendation for the Board in time for their 12/17/17 meeting. Action: NHT members interviewed the architects suggested by the congregation: B3 Architects (Rocky Baer); Envinity; Strosser Architecture & Conservation, Inc.; Albertin Vernon. The architects toured the building inside and out, walked around our property, climbed ladders to look above ceiling panels, reviewed our data (floor plan, Visioning Workshop results, the matrix of our wants, dreams, and needs), and answered our many questions. Following the 1-2 hour interviews, three of the firms emailed the committee with their resumes, portfolios and design ideas. The NHT evaluated all the material including combined interview notes. After much discussion, the committee decided upon an architectural firm to recommend to the Board.
  • Mailbox (old needs to be removed) – Action: Done by Alan M.
  • Crash bars on front doors – Action: Sam and Marion getting quotes.
  • Wifi/phone: (current phone line wired to old office) coverage in the building? move phone line to new office? put in new access system? costs? Action: Alan and Sara working on this. Will bring a plan to the committee. 
  • “Personal property vs UUCSV property” policy to avoid long term storage of personal items – Action: Sara and Jody developing.
  • Gather results from Visioning Workshop and other sources of input from congregation – Action: Information compiled into a packet and shared with congregation. Paper copies placed on NHT bulletin board. 
  • Communicate updates and plans with congregation – Action: Continuation of previously outlined methods: NHT webpage; NHT Display board; monthly Phoenix article; congregation-wide emails; contact NHT committee members. Additionally, weekly NHT updates will be given to Ann to include in her Wednesday “daily”.
  • External (landscaping, workdays) – Action: Work Day held November 4th 
  • Develop structure for Input (Focus) Committees – Action: Postponed. Sam P may help facilitate these committees. Architectural firm may assist.
  • Cleaning service – Action: Clare and Dawn will get quotes and bring to NHT Committee. 
  • First Aid kits: Action: Done! Large kit placed on top of refrigerator in Social Room; small kits in each RGL classroom. A reminder will be put in the board’s Memory box to update yearly.
  • Way for RGL to know when service is over: Action: 1st announcement following the service will ask for a volunteer to notify each RGL class.
  • Outlet covers in RGL: Action: Done.
  • Correct knobs/locks on interior doors: Action: Marian and Sara continuing to work on this.
  • Head Start consideration – Action: Discussed and moved to the Board
  • Key policy – Action: System developed by Clare/Facilities Chair. “Use the key for good, not evil.”
  • Checklist (thermostat setting, etc.) when leaving the building? Schedule of folks to check on building?- Action: Clare, Facilities Chair, working on.
  • Bulletin boards: Action: All the bulletin boards scattered around the church have been redesigned and reorganized. Jenine Welker has agreed to keep them up-to-date and organized. Older items will be archived in binders in the Conference Room.
  • Utility room: Action: Shelving obtained. Dawn and committee will help clean up and organize.    

Phase 2 – (dependent upon architect timeline)

  • Work with architect to develop a plan
  • Prioritize
  • Monetize
  • Develop clear plan to recommend to the board (phases of construction, money needed, etc.)
  • Present plan to congregation

Phase 3 – (new committee)

  • Responsibilities of New Home Transition Committee end
  • New committee formed to continue New Home Project
  • Fundraising
  • Contractors

Of note:

  • Add future building maintenance as budget line item going forward.
  • Build Rainy Day Fund
  • Communication with board and congregation through each step of each phase will be key.