Building Your Own Theology

Building Your Own Theology  ***New Class Beginning October 29, 2017!

The preface of the Building Your Own Theology (BYOT) introduction says it best: this course was “initially inspired by Angus MacLean’s provocative words in his pamphlet “Freedom Is Still the Issue”: “It has been said that liberal religion is a ‘do it yourself kit’. But there is danger that we make it a kit not only without blueprint but without tools and material.” The purpose of this program was and continues to be, to provide some tools for building a theology based on the materials of individual life experiences.”

BYOT is a course that provides exercises and readings to help each of us build our own Credo, our own statement of faith. Depending on the size and interest, the class can be 7 to 10 sessions long. The course will be facilitated by Lenore Askew and the meeting dates, at this point in time, will be scheduled the last Sunday of each month, after church (with the exception of December, when the last Sunday is New Year’s Eve.).The date of the first meeting will be October 29, 2017. If you are interested in participating, please contact Lenore at so that she can be sure to have sufficient materials on hand. Bring a lunch and your interest continuing your personal “search for truth and meaning.”

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Contact Person: Lenore Askew,