img_2514Hope W. Kopf loves sharing the joys of hand drumming, whether in drum circles or teaching ancient rhythms from West Africa. She studied drum circle facilitation with Arther Hull, the “father of drum circles”, and has been facilitating circles for 8 years.

Hope studied West African drumming with many masters including her favorites: Bountarabi Leftwich, Fodé Camara, Famoudou Konate, and Ali Camara. She has always been fascinated with different cultures and loves finding out how each rhythm was used in West African life. There are many types of rhythms: for agriculture (planting, harvesting etc.), rites of passage, social events, honoring people and nature.

About drumming…

Hope holds classes in West African Drumming at her home. No previous experience is necessary, nor is owning a drum. You will learn basic techniques on both djembe and dununs and then begin learning a rhythm from West Africa, (Guinea, Senegal, Mali, Ivory Coast, Liberia, and Nigeria). These rhythms are made up of several patterns played on djembes and on three bass drums called dununs. You will learn several patterns as well as the cultural use of the rhythm in society. The class will then put them together to feel the joy of polyrhythmic music! Anyone 9 years and older is welcome to participate.

Contact Person: Hope W. Kopf

Email: hkopf@ptd.net