Covenant Groups

Covenant Groups are a type of Small-Group Ministry, an intentional lay-led small group designed to deepen and expand the ministry of the congregation.

Covenant Groups are comprised of 8-10 people who meet monthly to interact and share reflections on various themes and readings.  Members and friends might be grouped randomly to form a Covenant Group or they may be organized around a specific interest. Their “ministry”, a process or act of caring or being present, relates to the spiritual as well as the emotional well-being of the group participants. Each group’s discussions are confidential. Although there is no charge, registration is required.

Typical Meeting Schedule (approximately 90 minutes)

  • Opening reading and introduction of a topic
  • Check-in where each person briefly shares what is on her/his mind.
  • Time for the focus or theme of the meeting with shared reflections from personal stories, guided by written questions.
  • Check-out where each participant relays how the meeting was for him/her.
  • Closing reading
  • Choosing the next meeting’s focus or theme

Small-Group Ministry Covenant

  • Treating each other with respect
  • Listening with our hearts
  • Respecting confidentiality (what is said here, stays here)
  • Avoiding “cross-talk” and giving advice
  • Allowing others to speak without interrupting
  • Going deep and sharing what is there
  • Allowing space for everyone who wishes to speak
  • Using this as a deep listening group, not as a therapy or discussion group
  • Welcoming new members when space is available
  • Holding each other accountable for honoring these covenant behaviors

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If you would like to participate in a Covenant Group, please contact Co-Facilitators: Stephen Lambert, 570-830-7842; Nancy LaGrave, 203-525-5292.

Contact Persons: Stephen Lambert,; Nancy LaGrave,