New Home Transitions Committee

The New Home Transitions Committee was formed in early August 2017 to help develop steps for a smooth transition to ownership of our building.

You can find an ever-growing FAQ here. (As of Sept 8, 2017).

Members of the New Home Transitions Committee Team are Dee Casteel, Dawn Fisher, Sam Geise, Sara Kelley, Clayton Lightman, Marion Marchiori, and Mark Usry. The committee co-chairs are Dawn Fisher and Clayton Lightman. During their first meeting on 8/26/17, they outlined the following phases:

Phase I – A (before closing):

  • Transfer ownership: gas, electric, water
  • Get quotes: insurance, lawn/snow maintenance, keys (new key system?)
  • Discuss how to use the entire building as it exists before any remodeling begins
  • Schedule and plan “Moving Date” (9/9)
  • Identify ways to collect the congregation’s ideas, dreams, needs, and priorities
  • Schedule Visioning Workshop (9/23 and 9/24)
  • Obtain building floor plan
  • Find a Facilities Chair/Sexton?
  • Discuss various ways of communication to insure congregation is informed of updates
  • Schedule “Work Day” for weeding, exterior clean-up  (9/9)
  • Schedule walkthroughs with architects to gather more information about our building
  • Recruit volunteers to lead Workgroups (small task-oriented groups of people interested in a specific area)
  • Bring plans and suggestions to the board
  • Communicate plans to the congregation

Phase I – B (before Christmas)

  • Get quotes to address the back drainage problem
  • Identify areas of infrastructure that need immediate attention
  • Continue gathering information from the congregation
  • Begin architect search: gather names, interview
  • Change mailbox, signage
  • Have Workgroup Leaders schedule their small group meetings
  • Compile information from Visioning Workshop, Workgroups, online forms, and paper submissions to provide a foundation for working with an architect
  • Communicate updates and plans with congregation
  • Obtain permission from board and congregation to hire architect

Phase 2 – (dependent upon architect timeline)

  • Work with architect to develop a plan
  • Prioritize
  • Monetize
  • Develop clear plan to recommend to the board (phases of construction, money needed, etc.)
  • Present plan to congregation

Phase 3

  • Responsibilities of New Home Transition Committee end
  • New committee formed to continue New Home Project
  • Fundraising
  • Contractors

Of note:

  • Add future building maintenance as budget line item going forward.
  • Build Rainy Day Fund
  • Communication with board and congregation through each step of each phase will be key.