Charity of the Quarter

New to the community? This is a great  way to get to find your place in our community and make a difference in our wider community.

We have worked on projects at Mostly Mutts, Ronald McDonald House, the Janet Weis Children’s Hospital, the Lewisburg Prison Project and the East Snyder Community Garden. We’ve cooked casseroles for families with sick kids, dug and planted gardens, written holiday greetings to inmates with no families, cleaned kennels, walked dogs, raised funds and added our support to a local food bank and set a goal to solicit more churches and groups to help us.

We collected funds from our wider community to help our neighbors in Staten Island who were affected by Superstorm Sandy. We are a community who sadly knows what it means to be affected by floods.

Our program continues to grow. More and more folks are getting involved. We’re claiming our place in this valley and making a difference.

The world is waiting for your helping, healing touch. We’d love you to join us!

Social Concerns Survey Form

We have once again arrived at the time of year for choosing next year’s “charities of the quarter”.  If you wish to print this form and fill it out, you can bring it to church or mail it:  265 Point Township Road, Northumberland, PA  17857.  Also, there are copies of the survey in the back of the church.